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C hris Jaycox has been professionally creating award winning multimedia productions in a variety of platforms to large audiences since 2001. Equipped with the experience, imagination and tools to get the job done on time and on budget. Chris Jaycox specializes in: Television, film, web development, graphic design, photography and education. Bring your ideas to life!

Creative design takes vision, talent and dedication. Chris Jaycox Production has a 24/7 attitude toward each project with the commitment to oversee it even after completion. If you can imagine it, Chris can most likely create it! His feature film, “A Fight for the Fatherland” won the 2001 Canadian International Film Festival (Student Drama) and placed 2nd in the BC Film Festival. Since his debut his work has now been seen and broadcast on TV networks in over 15 countries, worldwide. Click here to see a full list of awards and distinctions.

With Chris Jaycox you’re working with a person, not a just “a company”

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A diverse skill set across all levels of production

With 18 years of production experience Chris Jaycox has a varied skill set including: Videography, marketing, producing and directing, news production, jumbotron and post production work. This can be seen and is reflected in his portfolios of graphic design, web development, still photography as well as other types of multimedia projects. Click here to see a full list of services.

  1. Jumbotron Director / Switcher

    Westshore Rebels Football

    The Rebels are a Canadian junior football team based in Victoria, BC. The Rebels are part of the Canadian Junior Football League who competes annually for the Canadian Bowl. The team play a 10 game season during the summer – fall months. On Jumbotron LIVE feed is mixed with in house elements and scoreboard features.

  2. Jumbotron Director / Switcher

    Pacific FC Soccer

    Pacific FC is a Canadian professional soccer club competing in the Canadian Premier League, playing home matches at Westhills Stadium with games airing on CBC. Chris is the Pacific FC Jumbotron operator and manages all video content for playback during home game live matches. Click here to learn more.

  3. Dolly Camera Operator

    Olympic Swimming Trials

    National swimming trials for Olympic qualification in Canada. Short and long-distance events aired nationally on Sportsnet. Chris Jaycox was dolly camera operator for two years of event. High pressure camera situations going up and down the pool, rack focus / manual iris. Click here to learn more.

  4. Camera Crane Operator

    The Wealthy Life

    A half hour, financial based television talk show where viewers can learn from experts on how best to navigate fiscal bumps in the road and discover how to make the most of their means. Chris Jaycox was the camera crane / jib operator for the first season of this series (13 episodes). Click here to learn more.

  5. Producer / Director / Switcher

    Victoria HarbourCats TV

    Victoria HarbourCats baseball airs LIVE on SHAW TV and is directed / produced by Chris Jaycox. This multi camera broadcast with slow motion replay, full player statistics and on field entertainment is pushing the ball forward in quality of minor league baseball broadcasts utilizing a custom built LIVE production truck. Since inception hundreds of WCL games have been broadcast to American and Canadian audiences. Click here to learn more.

  6. Director / Shooter / Editor

    Aboriginal Adventures

    Aboriginal Adventures TV featured a native host traveling to remote, historical locations on the west coast of Canada. It aired on CHEK TV in Canada. Production challanges included rugged terrain, difficult weather, long days at sea, multi day on location remote shooting with wild grizzly bears and humpback whales in their natural habitats. Click here to learn more.

  7. Shooter / Editor / Audio


    Chris acted like a Swiss army knife of sorts learning many aspects of news production over his 8 years working for CHEK, the leader in news on Vancouver Island with an audience of over 2 million. As a video journalist / shooter and editor his daily objectives were to find and tell stories on deadline with accuracy and punctuality. Special event shooting for LIVE broadcasts, in studio camera as well as audio for newscasts was also required. Click here to learn more.

  8. Shooter / Editor

    The Travel Guys

    A travel TV series featuring two friends traveling to exotic destinations that aired nationally in Canada.  Extensive travel and shooting around the world was required. High pressure shooting situations in interviews with Brad Pitt, George Cloony, Angleina Joliee. Chris Jaycox was involved in X13 episodes. Click here to learn more.

  9. Program Coordinator

    Movie Magic Film Camp

    Chris Jaycox is the creator and coordinator of the successful week-long summer film camp Movie Magic for youth aged 8-13.  The program run in municipalities throughout BC and Alberta selling out often. It aimed to teach kids film techniques, how to edit projects, work together and produce claymation animated films. Click here to learn more.

  10. Graphics / Playback Operator

    Winter Olympic Games

    Video playback and graphics operator for the 2010 Winter Olympic & Paralympic games in Whistler, Canada. Chris Jaycox was in charge of all alpine downhill skiing events. High pressure, long hour, daily live broadcasts on Jumbotron for 10,000+ spectators. Live hits with on location reporters, switching feeds with OBS. Click here to learn more.

  11. Marketing

    Coca-Cola LIVE Tour

    Chris Jaycox was the coordinator for Coca-Cola’s 16 city ‘Live Positivity Tour’ across BC. He delivered key Coca-Cola branding messages through face to face interactions using a 20’ cargo truck driven to locations, 1000lb of stages were unloaded including promotional displays and LCD TV’s to be set-up in each city. Click here to learn more about marketing services.

  12. Producer / Shooter / Editor

    Slopestyle TV

    Slopestyle is the half hour skiing and snowboarding mountain destination television series featuring: Sponsored pro’s, lessons from instructors and freestyle riding at different resorts across Canada. Created by Chris Jaycox and Sponsored by Coors Light Slopestyle aired nationally in Canada from 2005-2009. A total of 40+ episodes were produced and are currently airing internationally. Slopestyle has now been broadcast in over 15 countries with over 1 million views on YouTube. Click here to learn more.

  13. Producer / Editor / Host


    Outlast is a 9 part outdoor reality TV series featuring high school students competing for a $1000 prize. They tried to survive and live off the land on Vancouver Island during the winter months. Daring and documentary style Outlast was created by Chris Jaycox and pushed the boundaries of the genre. Airing to an audience of 1.5 million on KVOS and SHAW TV in the northwest of USA / Canada. Click here to learn more.

  14. Shooter / Editor

    Soulmates Wedding Videography

    Chris Jaycox is the owner and lead videographer of Soulmates Wedding Videography, a company specializing in wedding films for couples on Vancouver Island, Canada. Soulmates with Chris Jaycox as a videographer / editor have now produced dozens of hour long wedding films for happy couples and their families. Click here to learn more.

Experience in TV and film coordinating crew, raising funds, overseeing the project and selling inventory internationally.

Original television content has now been seen in over 15 countries as well as being featured on Amazon Prime.

With years of marketing experience Chris Jaycox can plan strategic campaigns and execute on time.

Storytelling is at the heart of Post Production. An experienced professional with After Effects, Premiere, Avid.

For over 15 years as a videographer Chris Jaycox has traveled the world with his camera in hand.

Both creative and business-minded Chris Jaycox Production is organized and has strong attention to detail.

knowledge of sound and recording equipment, computer programs and a great ear for detail.

See awards and press for a full categorized list of past honors and achievements.

Working with some of the best, around the world.

Since 1999 Chris Jaycox has been working with large and small clients from all over the world. Contact Chris today to find out the best way he can bring his talents to your project / company. See below for a list of some notable past clients.