Audio Tech

For a project to be compelling sound and imagery must blend seamlessly together. Chris Jaycox is comfortable setting up all common sound equipment and is skillful at adjusting and testing equipment as well as recording sound. With experience in studio as well as working outdoors in the field for television and film productions Jaycox has been responsible for setting up boards, mics, running audio lines, etc.

Trained in mixing sound for live TV news Chris Jaycox has recorded and monitored levels and quality for live shows over the past 10 years. As a percussionist Jaycox has great sense of rhythm. He has experience with computer programs like Adobe Creative Suite and sound mixing applications and is available for consulting on a freelance basis anywhere in North America.

Professional Skills:

  • Knowledge of sound and recording equipment
  • Advanced computer knowledge
  • Excellent hearing and an ear for detail
  • Technical aptitude
  • Hard Working

Audio Technician Rates: Hourly: $25 – $35