Directing & Producing

A good producer knows how to delegate. Someone who can work on tight deadlines, recruit talent and expert technical crews as well as overseeing budgets. With years of experience and a ‘get it done’ attitude Chris Jaycox has been responsible for staffing, budgeting, and overseeing various operational aspects of film productions and network shows. His responsibilities have also included casting, coordinating crew, raising funds and selling inventory internationally. On Location Chris Jaycox demonstrates leadership, coordination, time management and networking skills. In his debut as a producer / director in 2001 he won Best Film at the Canadian International Film Festival as 16 a year old.

As a director Jaycox uses his multi-tasking ability to work efficiently with talent and crew while juggling technical and organizational aspects of movie making. He knows how to work on strict deadlines, budgets, manage pressure and the need to balance different personalities of the production team. In LIVE television and film he prides himself on his creativity, diplomacy, time management, business skills, communication, and his technical expertise.

Professional Skills:

  • Highly organized
  • Financial experience managing budgets / payroll
  • Works well under pressure
  • Creative problem-solving skills with a ‘never quit’ attitude
  • Diplomatic and optimistic
  • Winner of international film festival
  • Broad experience in all aspects of production