Jumbotron Director

Pacific FC

P acific FC is a Canadian professional soccer club competing in the Canadian Premier League, playing national home matches at Westhills Stadium airing on CBC. Each season the club plays 15 home games from May through October.

Chris Jaycox is the Pacific FC Jumbotron director managing all video and graphical content for playback during LIVE matches for home games. Jaycox is responsible for syncing the timeclock and scoreboard for the crowd of up to 6000 as well as working with LIVE announcers and game directors.




X20 Home Games | 2-3 Hour Runtime


4500 Average Spectators


Jumbotron Director / Switcher

“It’s my job as the jumbotron director to be in perfect synchronicity with talent, announcing team and the DJ. It takes timing and experience to not make mistakes. When it works and the crowd erupts, it’s a lot of fun.”

– Chris Jaycox