LIVE Television

Victoria HarbourCats

T he West Coast League is a summer collegiate baseball league which the Victoria HarbourCats play a total of 32 games annually. 20 Home games are broadcast on SHAW TV produced by Chris Jaycox and his team out of an OB production truck. The multi camera broadcast features slow motion replay, full player statistics and video content. The feed is also used for the in house jumbotron for up to 5000 fans.

Chris Jaycox is pushing the ball forward in quality of minor league baseball broadcasting utilizing a custom-built LIVE production truck and bringing together a solid creative team. Since inception, hundreds of WCL games have been broadcast to American and Canadian audiences on a free and PPV model with Go LIVE Broadcasts.




5 Seasons | 160 Episodes | 2-3 Hour Runtime


SHAW TV, Go LIVE Broadcasts


Producer / Director / Switcher

“Producing these broadcasts and being the first to air LIVE baseball on Victoria, BC television has been a huge honor. We’ve gone from a small broadcast team to a 22′ fully loaded production truck.”

– Chris Jaycox