Graphics / Video Playback Operator

Winter Olympics

T he world was watching in 2010 when the Olympic Games were held in Vancouver / Whistler. Chris Jaycox was brought into the elite team of video specialists and engineers. Duties included graphics and playback for Olympic and Paralympic games in Whistler for all downhill events. High pressure, long hour, daily live broadcasts on Jumbotron for 10,000+ spectators. Live hits with on location reporters, switching feeds with OBS for worldwide broadcast to millions.

A custom Crossfire playback software machine was used with full training provided prior to the games in Vancouver. The contract lasted over a month with few days off between events. Editing including trimming provided content and syncing with other in-house entertainment was also required.




X40 – 2 to 3 Hour Shows


NBC, CTV (North America) Worldwide Dist.


Graphics / Video Playback Operator

“Working for the Olympic and Paralympic Games was a dream come true. Something that I had been working towards for years… High pressure, massive audience. I was in my element!”

– Chris Jaycox