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Preparedness Now

A magnitude 9.0 earthquake has just occurred off the BC coast. A massive tsunami races towards land at the speed of a commercial jet. The Preparedness Now documentary simulates this hypothetical, but realistic disaster scenario and looks at what damage can be expected and what people can do to prepare themselves.

The BC Earthquake Alliance in partnership with The Red Cross approached Chris Jaycox to produce a documentary and partner a TV commercial with this hypothetical but likely scenario. Working with experts in Vancouver on Vancouver Island the film was premiered in 2014 at the Intrepid Theater for a special screening for emergency workers and city staff.




22:30min – Documentary


Intrepid Theatre, Victoria BC


Director / Shooter / Editor



“It was a real honor to be awarded this contract from the Red Cross and the BC Earthquake Alliance. The documentary has helped so many people think about how to prepare themselves and their families for an emergency like an earthquake. It’s been one of the most impactful projects to date”

– Chris Jaycox