C hris Jaycox has an accomplished career in film and television as well as being a successful entrepreneur with a strong creative and business mindset. As a kid making movies with friends in the 90’s Chris stayed ahead of the curve with first versions of Photoshop and Premiere. In 2001, while still in high school he won the Canadian International Film Festival with his ambitious war film “A Fight for the Fatherland” catching many by surprise.

Moving from film into television at 18 he gained notoriety after successfully landing an American TV broadcast deal in 2002 with “Outlast“, a daring outdoor survival series featuring high school students.

As his career started to take off Chris took his talents to the highest peaks and produced six seasons of the skiing and snowboarding series “Slopestyle” almost singlehandedly. With a small personal loan and some help from friends he landed major sponsors Coors Light and Whistler-Blackcomb as well as national TV distribution across Canada. The series has since been translated into numerous languages and has aired nationally in over 15 countries.

In order to pull off these expensive, seeming out of reach projects with little money Jaycox needed become a jack of all trades of sorts. Becoming really good at many different things: Sales, videography, web design, editing, marketing, business, graphics and so on. It’s created a unique career and a varied skill set across many levels.

For six summers Jaycox toured western Canada holding week-long film and animation camps for up to 30 youth at a time through the ‘Movie Magic Film Camp’ program. Working with local municipalities the camp had great success with students coming back year after year.

“Working with kids is something very important to me. It kept me out of trouble when I was young and love sharing what I know”

– Chris Jaycox

Chris, much like his idols Walt Disney and Steven Spielberg thinks big and outside the box. He recently designed and built a full functioning live production truck out a 22’ Hino cube van. Doing all the work himself including initial 3D modeling, mechanical, and computer setup. Chris strives to continue working with forward thinking industry leaders and hard-working teams of talented individuals. When he’s not on a project you can find him taking some down time playing frisbee with his dog Marty, spending time with girlfriend Courtney or training in the gym.