There is no master’s degree in video production, there’s just experience. For over 15 years as a videographer Chris Jaycox has traveled the world his camera in hand. He offers professional videography services on a permanent as well as freelance basis. He’s shot with A-List celebrities and well as in some of the most challenging shooting situations that can be found on earth. As a news videographer for over 5 years he was first on the scene to major events and crises. On set Jaycox has been the camera operator as part of a larger television crew with technicians, producers and sound operators.

Chris takes pride in creating stylistic and professional videos with top-quality equipment. He owns and operates a variety of cameras, including 4K, DSLR and film. See equipment list for full details.  With a 24/7 attitude towards each project Chris offers flexible scheduling including hourly and daily rates.

Professional Skills:

  • Over 15 years shooting
  • Technical knowledge of many camera types
  • Worked in extreme conditions
  • On time / Punctual
  • Creative eye for seeing unique shots
  • Filmed with celebrities: Pitt, Jolie, Clooney, Brodie…
  • Years of experience shooting LIVE sports
  • Shoots well in stressful situations

Videography Rates:
Hourly: $75