News Production

Chris Jaycox is currently available for TV news production as an employee or on a freelance basis. Starting in 1998 as an eager 15 year old he volunteered at SHAW TV shooting and editing stories. In 2011 he joined CHEK News and became the stations swiss army knife, learning skills in many different departments.

Professional Skills:

  • LIVE studio training (camera, audio)
  • Works well under pressure
  • Can convey a story in a clear, concise manner
  • Flexible schedule, including nights and weekends
  • Strong videography background with 10+ years experience
  • A punctual and clear writer
  • Social media & web design experience (WordPress, HTML)
  • Over 20 years with Adobe Photoshop

Video Journalist (VJ)

As a video journalist Chris Jaycox conducted dozens of unbiased, engaging interviews. City officials, government, athletes, meth addicted- street people, celebrities, cops, etc. Having done research in advance and always prepared to ask pointed and interesting questions. Jaycox worked crime beats, government, sports as well as breaking news. Being a video journalist requires a stamina, punctuality as well as having social perceptiveness.

ENG Shooter

Being a news shooter isn’t easy. It’s unpredictable and can be very stressful at times- even dangerous. The daily challenge is to visually tell a story that people will want to watch and react too. It’s a unique opportunity. As a shooter Jaycox is often first to arrive on scene. SWAT team take downs, fatal MVI’s, five alarm fires, huge storms. Chris Jaycox has experience with ENG cameras of all types, sound equipment as well as remote live hits.

News Editor

For anyone who has worked in a newsroom knows how stressed editors get towards their deadline. Working down to the wire to produce content as it becomes available. Chris Jaycox has 6 years experience working as a news editing. Responsible for improving and re-working material, gathering data from reporters, editing lead stories, sports elements, headlines.and making sure the facts are relevant and true.

News Production Rates:
Hourly: $30 – $45