3D Modeling

As a 3D artist Chris Jaycox creates three-dimensional models, animations, and visual effects to be used in various creative projects such as films, video games and digital advertising campaigns. It involves creating special effects to match specific scenes using a combination of hand-drawing techniques and professional software.

A key part of working as a 3D artist is creating the eye-catching graphics, effects and animations using computer programs like SketckUp, 3DS Max and editing software like Adobe After Effects. Knowing these programs inside and out is key. Chris prides himself as being a creative and artistic, comfortable collaborating with different teams in various departments. He is currently available to work in office and remotely from his studio.

Professional Skills:

  • Knowledge of 3D design & animation tools
  • Eye for detail and good visualization skills
  • Ability to take feedback
  • Familiarity with animation techniques
  • Expert with Adobe After Effects
  • Can create and manage digital assets
  • Able to take concept art and create virtual characters + environments
  • Punctual- executing projects on time

3D Modeling Rates:
Hourly: $30 – $50