First and foremost, storytelling is at the heart of all Chris Jaycox Productions. Post-production is more than taking material and slapping it together for continuity. Great storytelling comes from creating structure from an otherwise structureless mass of media. It evokes emotion, it creates a rhythm.

In the late 90’s as a kid Chris was the first on the block using early versions of Adobe Premiere. He hasn’t slowed down since amassing over 10,000 hours experience in post through TV, film, documentary, sports as well as over 5 years working in news as editor. An experienced professional with After Effects, Premiere, Photoshop, Avid and Grass Valley Jaycox has a broad software understanding and is a quick learner. He posses understanding of the entire post-production process: Sound, editing, special effects, problem solving as well as the ability to motivate a team to their highest performance level. The post-production process can be a lengthy, huge mountain to climb but it’s where the project really starts to take shape and where you can find Chris Jaycox’s best work.

Professional Skills:

  • Financial experience managing budgets
  • Talented, award winning editor
  • Special effects artist (3D / CGI)
  • Over 10,000 hours with Adobe Creative Suite
  • ‘Never miss a deadline’ attitude
  • Strong communicator able to translate ideas clearly
  • Sound, dubbing and music mixing experience

Post-Production Rates:
Hourly: $40 – 50