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O utlast is an outdoor reality TV series featuring high school students competing for a $1000 prize living off the land on Vancouver Island during the winter months. Daring and documentary style Outlast, was created by Chris Jaycox pushed the boundaries of the reality genre. Airing to an audience of 1.5 million on KVOS and SHAW TV in the northwest of USA / Canada Outlast created a cult like following in the northwest.

Using a personal loan of $1000 for the grand prize and recruiting help from a dozen or so local teenage filmmakers the 9-episode series was shot over the course of two weeks. Footage was logged and edited by Jaycox and once a pilot was created the series shopped around eventually landing a broadcaster in the USA.




1 Season | 9 Episodes | 22:30 Runtime




Producer, Director, Editor, Host

“The idea of landing a television broadcast deal from a show that was shot on a budget of $1000 seemed impossible. I believed in my ability to do it and proved a lot of people wrong.”

– Chris Jaycox